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Ocean First is Blue Certified!

Blue Certified is an eco-label tailored specifically to the dive industry. It enables dive shops to assess, monitor and report on indicators which address sustainability planning, environmental resources, local economic development, and ecosystem conservation. Developed by the Ocean First Institute (OFI), in partnership with Sustainable Travel International, Blue Certified provides scuba dive operations with the tools to perform better for themselves, the environment, their local community, and their customers.

Here’s what the sustainability leaders at OF have to say in celebration:

“I started Ocean First because I wanted to instill a sense of appreciation and accountability in divers everywhere. A part of shifting the paradigm lies within the dive centers themselves: to educate customers about the marine environment, take steps to address their impact, and protect the very resource the industry depends on for its livelihood.” —Graham Casden, Owner of Ocean First

“Ocean First has been committed to sustain

ability for many years. The Blue Certified program provides valuable insight into our existing initiatives as well as opportunities for improvement. We plan on sharing the sustainability report with key stakeholders.” —Gretchen Heine, Executive Assistant to CEO at Ocean First

“Dive operators are true stewards and guardians. Understanding animals’ ancient histories and how they have struggled to survive for millions of years is fascinating. It’s a thrill to see some of them on a dive. This is our blue heart--we want to protect it and we have an opportunity through tourism to protect what we love.” —Dr. Mikki McComb Kobza, Executive Director of Ocean First Institute

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