Taveuni Dive Resort is Blue Certified!

This post is from Taveuni Dive Resort's blog. Ocean First Institute congratulates Fred and all those at Taveuni Dive Resort for this achievement!

We’ve Blue Certified!

Today, Taveuni Dive Resort is pleased to announce it was accredited under the Blue Certified eco-label. Most of our friends and family know we are a sustainably designed and operated resort. We wanted recognition for our resort and staff who work hard to make Taveuni Dive Resort so special. A big challenge we faced was that most certification programs we evaluated did not adapt to the challenges we face in a remote location like Taveuni.

Developed by Ocean First Institute (OFI), in partnership with Sustainable Travel International, Blue Certified caters to the special needs of dive resorts and scuba dive operations. They’ve provided tools to help us perform better – which benefits our operations, the environment, our local community, and you, our customers. The Blue Certified program team walked Taveuni Dive Resort through the 3P's of business sustainability: economic (profit), environmental (planet) and socio-cultural (people) best practices. The Blue Certification Award gives us bona fide recognition for its work as a sustainability leader in the dive industry.

As part of the eco-certification, Taveuni Dive Resort completed the baseline level of the initial criteria and submitted evidence which was officially verified by OFI.

With tourism and coastal development on the rise, potential negative impacts on communities and coral reefs are realities. We think tourism can be a force for good by creating positive impacts as well. Find out more by checking out Taveuni Dive Resort’s Sustainability page.

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