For the Love of Ocean Education

We protect what we love, and our love grows when our understanding deepens. Expand your love and knowledge of all things ocean with Ocean First Education. As part of our Blue Certified enrollment, you can easily grab this treasure--we offer a free course as well as discounts!

Dive Masters, divers, and resort guests can all dive in. Dive Masters can learn fascinating facts to share with divers, while divers and resort guests can relish dive delights pre and post trip. Rainy vacation days become fun when there's plenty to explore top side.

Check out this Ocean First Education blog to learn more about how "being a more knowledgeable diver can make your experience all the more fulfilling. And it’s not just how you treat the habitat, but what you know about it."

Enroll in Blue Certified to receive these perks from our partner, Ocean First Education:

  • Free Ocean Literacy course!

  • 10% off all short courses!

  • Revenue share to bring exciting courses to more of your customers!

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